HVACD solutions for indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation

Harvest Integrated is the trusted advisor you need to deliver the turnkey HVACD solutions required to get the most out of your operation. New-build or retrofit, indoor or greenhouse, our engineers know how to get the most efficiency out of your cannabis cultivation space. Our goal is to design and build the right HVACD equipment and systems for your specific application. Our Harvest Solutions units can be... read more

How To Build An Energy-Efficient Cannabis Greenhouse

Harness the power of the sun while protecting your crop from extreme weather conditions. Leverage year-round cultivation to boost yields and business growth. Reduce the accessibility of pests that can harm your crop.  All this with a cannabis greenhouse.   But greenhouses – particularly commercial ones – are not without their issues and running a successful greenhouse cannabis growing operation is no... read more

HVAC Maintenance Checklist For Commercial Grow Rooms

Preventive commercial grow room maintenance is not something you choose to have. It’s a must. That is unless you’re not concerned about your crop quality, lowering costs, and frankly, the success of your entire operation.  But some aspects of preventative grow op maintenance are more important than others. HVAC maintenance comes at the top of the list — it’s crucial.  Combined with lighting, HVAC... read more

Controlled Environment Agriculture Predictions: What Does The Future Hold

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.9 billion by 2050, according to the 2020 World Population Data Sheet.  As the population grows, so is the demand for food. But is it possible to meet this demand sustainably? Farmers are responding by adopting more advanced farming techniques. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is one of the techniques that have emerged, and it’s coming in many forms.... read more

Vertical Grow Room Setup Best Practices

Innovation plays a critical role in making agriculture more competitive and even sustainable.  Vertical grow rooms are one innovative agricultural practice that’s grown over the past several years. From cannabis to the leafy greens industry, growers are doubling down and reaping the benefits of vertical farming.  These benefits include: Better use of space Reduced energy consumption resulting in... read more

9 Cost-Saving Strategies For Commercial Cannabis Grows

Growing cannabis on a commercial scale is expensive, particularly in grow rooms. The typical commercial grow room setup costs average $75 per square foot. Total setup costs can stretch into millions and monthly operating costs can easily run into the high six figures.  Additionally, commercial cannabis cultivation has some tight margins, and running a profitable operation requires lots of work. Throw in the... read more

5 Things A Grow Facility Upgrade Can Do For Your Cultivation Operation

You’ve been thinking about a grow facility upgrade for some time, but you’ve never quite found the right moment to take the leap. Volatile financial markets, revenue shortfalls and the general uncertainties plaguing the entire world have got you rethinking. The need to preserve cash flow has rarely been greater, and reducing costs is vital (particularly if you’re in niches such as cannabis).  In light... read more

How Grow Room Automation Can Promote Sustainability

Grow room automation is transforming indoor cultivation operations. From automating lights and fans to collecting important data, automation is helping improve and optimize plant quality, grow room environmental control, operation efficiency, and other variables.  As a result of these many benefits, grow room automation is also promoting what has become one of the critical factors in any grow operation –... read more

Cannabis Production Outlook 2022

Here’s What Growers Need To Know About Growing Cannabis In 2022 The cannabis industry is growing.  This growth has come with an intense focus on large-scale cannabis cultivation.  All around the globe we hear of companies building bigger cannabis farms. Take North America for example. In 2021, the largest grower producing cannabis exclusively in a greenhouse was doing so at nearly 2 million square feet... read more

Cannabis and the Environment: The Impact and What You Can Do About It

There’s so much interest in the environmental impact of cannabis cultivation. But why? After all, the cultivation of just about any crop has an unavoidable influence on the environment.   It’s a fact that agriculture has an environmental impact, and reducing this impact is critical to maintaining environmental sustainability. However, cannabis is getting a lot of attention because of the general lack of... read more