Cannabis Grow Room HVAC

An Integrated System to Ensure the Highest Performance

Fully packaged, factory-tested units arrive at the jobsite ready to go to eliminate risk and costly field piping/charging

A single unit designed with both cooling and dehumidification to handle specialized cannabis environments

The HarvestWheel is a rotary heat exchanger that cools and dehumidifies the space without the use of compressors, increasing unit efficiency and saving you money

Variable speed compressors and a fully modulating hot gas reheat coil match the cooling and dehumidification load at every stage of the grow cycle with precision

Multiple compressors and EC fans eliminate costly secondary units by providing built-in, component-level redundancy

Fully automated, on-board control system built to ensure seamless integration with your building automation supplier

Building pressurization and CO2 purge integrated into the unit to eliminate costly additional systems

Enhanced filtration and IAQ options available to keep the space free of pests and pathogens, increasing yield and protecting your investment

Additional AVAILABLE options

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products to mitigate odor and neutralize mold and bacteria growth
  • Gas, electric, and hot water heating
  • MERV 8, 13, and HEPA filtration
Man monitors indoor agriculture grow system

Built with Cannabis in Mind

Harvest Air packaged cooling and dehumidification systems are exclusively built for handling the specialized environments of the indoor and greenhouse cannabis industries. Designed for ease of installation and scalability, Harvest Air provides more efficiency than our competition – it will get your facility running faster, for less money.

Harvest Air comes to the jobsite fully assembled, tested, and ready to rock and roll plus, unit construction is standardized so your facilities will have the same look and similar maintenance efficiencies.

Factory-built, fully tested, and ready to rock and roll

Harness your full potential with the Harvest Wheel

We don’t rely on brute force and mass energy to cool and dehumidify. After all, the most efficient compressor is the one that isn’t running.

The Harvest Wheel is a rotary heat exchanger used for indirect air-to-air economization. It’s 85% efficient, allowing the compressors to stay off as much as possible. By focusing on efficiency, the Harvest Wheel ensures increased productivity and faster business growth.

Save money with built-in redundancy

Indoor and greenhouse cannabis facilities are critical environments, and critical environments can’t afford any downtime. To keep these facilities running 24/7, some companies require you to buy twice as much equipment, but not Harvest Air. With multiple compressors, circuits and EC motors, Harvest Air has built-in redundancy, which allows your grow operation to keep running even through a component failure.


Variable Speed Compressors, Verified Savings

Harvest Air uses variable speed compressors to keep cannabis facilities up and running when outdoor air conditions are hot and humid. Variable speed means the electrical output is accurately matched to the load for maximum efficiency that grows your bottom line.

Increase flexibility with custom options

Cannabis facilities are unique and cannabis laws vary, so Harvest Air is flexible. You can put more in a single box. The available custom options ensure that your facility remains uncluttered and free of multiple competing systems.

  • CO2 purge
  • Building pressurization
  • Enhanced IAQ & filtration
  • Multiple heating options
  • Other options available
We design and pre-fab facilities for maximum QA and faster time-to-market

Grow your operation faster with the leader in cannabis grow room HVAC

With over 100 years of combined experience building and implementing critical environment HVAC systems, the Harvest Integrated team knows what works. Let Harvest AIR grow your business with unmatched efficiency.