Our industry knowledge and product efficiency offer you the lowest total cost among qualified systems.

Harvest Integrated products are purpose-built for the indoor agriculture industry and they’re built to be scalable for lower operational up-front costs and speed to market. Our factory built units have gained end-users initial capital expenditure (CapEx) reductions of up to 25% and annual operating expenditure (OpEx) reductions nearing 75%.

Letter from our CEO

Welcome to Harvest Integrated. We are excited to have you here!

Before you continue, you should know we do not seek to provide a solution for everyone. We provide the Harvest Integrated solution to those open-minded, curious clients who have seen or experienced the competition and know there must be a better way. To those of you: there is a better way and you have come to the right place.

We do not offer the lowest cost—we offer the highest value. We maintain laser focus on our Three Pillars of Efficiency:

  1. Energy efficiency of technology and equipment
  2. Process efficiency for client operations
  3. Capital efficiency for client resources

We are not growers and we do not pretend to be. At Harvest Integrated, we are engineers, builders and manufacturers of the critical systems that support your grow operations. Our team has over 100 combined years of experience designing and building critical systems, and the results are faster speed-to-market, scalable systems for capital budgets and the lowest operating expenses possible for our clients.

If those results match your needs, we look forward to working with you. For those that are focused on finding the lowest cost solution, we wish you well and will be here when you change your mind.


Signature of CEO

The Team

John Zimmerman, co-founder and CEO

John Zimmerman, PE

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Whaley, President & COO

Chris Whaley, PE

President & COO

Matt Carter, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Matt Carter

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Chuck Sims, Project Executive

Chuck Sims, LEED AP

Project Executive

Jay Gerber, Program Manager

Jay Gerber, CM-Lean

Program Manager

Kyle Heller, Vice President of Monitoring

Kyle Heller

Vice President of Monitoring

Our Products

Harvest Air™

Our patent-pending HVAC solution that can help you achieve up to 75% reductions in annual OpEx.


Harvest Power™

The most scalable packaged power distribution system in the industry. Grow your indoor agriculture operation faster than your competitors.


Harvest Design™

Our design and construction process can add a massive amount of efficiency over the traditional design/bid/build format.  Let us show you how we can increase your speed to market.


Harvest Monitor™

24/7 support and monitoring to keep your high-performance building running smoothly.