Why Invest In A Sealed Greenhouse: The Case For Cannabis Growing

Sealed cannabis greenhouses are an emerging trend that is growing in popularity among many cultivators.  Why? The fact is, there’s a strong case for cultivating cannabis in a controlled environment. Also, as the need for sustainable growing becomes more pressing, the role sealed greenhouses play in helping ensure that sustainability is becoming more apparent as well.  Let’s break down what a sealed... read more

Why Use A Specialized HVAC System?

The grow room environment is complex. It can’t be too hot, too cool, too humid… The slightest change in humidity or temperature can throw the entire environment off balance, leaving you with some major losses. This is why grow rooms are considered critical environments, and it’s for this reason they need specialized equipment to keep everything well balanced.  The need for a specialized HVAC system A grow... read more

How To Create A Sustainable Cannabis Grow Facility

Sustainability is no longer just a lifestyle practice. It’s now an important business aspect and as its popularity grows, the need for businesses to adapt is becoming more apparent.  However, adopting sustainable practices is not so easy for businesses in the cannabis industry. From reducing energy and water consumption to cutting emissions, cannabis grow facilities face unique challenges when it comes to... read more

6 Best Practices for Cannabis Grow Op Scaling

How to scale a commercial grow operation successfully? That’s the big question.  There are a lot of things to consider and plan for when scaling a cannabis grow operation. On top of that, there is an overwhelming amount of things that need to be done after the planning phase. Processes can become complicated, efficiency may fall, and with it, the success of the scaling initiative. That said, this doesn’t... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Grow Room Controllers

How to Create Consistent Grow Environments With Grow Room Controllers The grow room environment is one of the most important aspects of an entire grow operation. High yields, high product quality, and ultimately, the success of the grow are all hinged on having the ideal environment.  But achieving the perfect environment can be difficult. Keeping up with elements such as lighting, temperature, airflow and... read more

3 Common Mistakes That Can Cost You HVAC Performance

Setting up and operating an HVAC system is no small task. You want to get the maximum return on the invested capital, but there are countless aspects that need attention – from the actual designing of the system to keeping up with evolving technologies, increasing efficiency and acing system maintenance. Getting any one of these aspects wrong can lead to poor returns so you have to make the right decisions at... read more

How To Achieve Grow Room Energy Efficiency

The indoor agriculture industry has seen explosive growth in recent years. Many people are choosing indoor cultivation to boost productivity and reduce the risk to yields resulting from unpredictable weather conditions. But indoor grow ops are far more energy-intensive compared to outdoor cultivation facilities.  Here are a few statistics for some context. The total energy use in an indoor cannabis grow room... read more

The Quick-Start Guide to Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design Challenges

Creating the optimal grow room environment is a critical aspect of your commercial operation, yet designing the ideal HVAC system and getting all the details right is hard. Commercial grow room HVAC design involves much more than deciding on system components; it’s about ensuring that the system is well-suited to the rigorous environmental requirements of a grow room while providing optimal efficiency. As a... read more

9 Key Challenges To Scaling A Cannabis Cultivation Operation + Solutions

Running any business is hard. Keeping up with industry regulations, finding and retaining competent staff, providing great service, getting funding, and managing costs are just a few of the obstacles you have to navigate to set up a successful business. Running a cannabis grow operation is harder — all these problems are magnified exponentially. Scaling said operation, however, is in a league of its own. It’s... read more

Harvest Integrated Featured on CNBC

Recently our Common Citizen project was featured on CNBC’s Advancements TV series with host, Ted Danson.  Check it out! Farmers are increasingly interested in the indoor farming industry, whose market value is projected to reach $130 billion by 2025. But reaping the benefits of indoor farming is anchored on creating the right indoor grow environment, and this requires having a purpose-built system that can... read more