Proper Selection and Optimization of HVAC Systems for CEA Spaces: The How-To

If you are a grower in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) space, you probably know just how important a well-designed HVAC system is for your cultivation facility. There are countless articles on this topic, including our own guide for choosing the best grow room climate control system. Unfortunately, getting the right system is still hard for a lot of growers. For many of them, knowledge of their HVAC... read more

HVAC System Maintenance: 5 Ways to Extend the Life Of Your Grow Room HVAC

There’s no running away from it – your HVAC system will be one of the most expensive components of your grow room. As such, HVAC is not something you want to replace every other year so your best bet is to choose a system that will last as long as possible.  But the idea of having an HVAC system for as long as possible comes with a condition; you have to take care of the system.  As your HVAC equipment... read more

The Harvest Air Wheel – Improving the Energy Efficiency of Dehumidification Technology

HVAC systems are energy-intensive. They are generally responsible for a significant proportion of a cultivation facility’s energy consumption. This makes sense if you consider how an element such as latent heat is very difficult and energy-intensive to remove from a space. However, as sustainability takes center stage and the need for sustainable cultivation practices intensifies, high energy consumption is now... read more

HVAC Humidity Control In Cannabis Cultivation – The Quest for Precision

The cannabis industry is booming, and with it, demand for the crop. But higher demand means that cannabis operations sometimes fail to keep their crop free from contamination.  Just look at how mold continues to be a pain for many growers. In 2019, mold rocked Denver’s cannabis market after 80% of 25 dispensaries failed random mold tests. During that same year, a licensed cannabis testing facility in Nevada... read more

Understanding HVAC: Key HVAC Terms

What’s the difference between dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature? How does sensible load relate to the sensible heat ratio? And what’s the link between Btu and kWh? We understand. The HVAC space can be a complex maze of acronyms and terms, some of which are connected and add to the complexity. But do not fret, we’ve compiled the following list of key HVAC terms to help you navigate the common... read more

HVAC System Cost – What You Need to Know About the Cost of Grow Room HVAC Systems

What will it cost? That’s a very common question among indoor growers.  The controlled environment agriculture (CEA) movement is advancing. More cultivators are seeing the many benefits of growing indoors, and the high yields are definitely at the top of the list. But achieving great yields and running a profitable operation requires an investment. One of the biggest investments you will have to make as a... read more

The Comprehensive Guide to Grow Room Ventilation

A good dose of sunshine, light breezes, precipitation, evaporation… Such is the life of plants grown outdoors. But since outdoor cultivation is characterized by higher risks of crop loss due to adverse weather conditions, more cultivators are moving indoors, substituting grow lights for sunshine, watering systems for precipitation, and fans for breezes.  Indoor growing means an endless growing season and... read more

How to Choose the Best Grow Room Climate Control System

Not so many ecosystems can compare to an indoor grow room — the space is vibrant, to say the least. You have to cater to and optimize for a lot of environmental conditions in one go; from temperature and relative humidity to airflow, carbon dioxide and odors. Doing this requires having a robust grow room climate control system. This leads us to an all-important question… Why is choosing the right grow room... read more

Grow Op Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Grow Facility

You have set up your grow facility. The crop is coming along nicely. You’ve even landed on the best climate control system and you’re mimicking natural environmental conditions very well. Time to take a break and enjoy the results of all your hard work, right? Wrong. Yes, you’ve done a great job setting up your grow facility, but there’s an important element you now need to take care of — grow op... read more

Grow Room Temperature Too High? 4 Ways to Control Indoor Grow Room Heat

Growing a high-quality crop in a grow room involves being able to mimic nature, mainly with the help of dehumidifiers and artificial lighting. The lights fuel bud production and dehumidification ensures that there’s no bud rot or the risk of losing the entire crop. However, while both lights and dehumidifiers are crucial in a grow room, they produce a lot of heat.  Take LED, fluorescent, or even HPS lights for... read more