How to Choose the Right Grow Room HVAC Consultant

From pre-design planning to setup coordination and recommendations, having the right consultant is important. Planning costs, design costs, installation costs, maintenance and repair costs, upgrade costs… The list of expenses incurred in the setup and maintenance of a grow room is never-ending. Hiring an experienced grow room HVAC consultant is another cost to add to the list, but instead of looking at it as yet... read more

Grow Room HVAC Maintenance Plans: The What, Why and How of HVAC Maintenance

Setting up an HVAC system is a big investment. Unfortunately, HVAC maintenance is often treated as an afterthought. Too often, grow room HVAC maintenance is not addressed in the planning phase and indoor agriculture facility operations teams find themselves with the task of figuring things out as they go.   This approach is erroneous.  Your HVAC system must be protected just like any other investment. To do... read more

Grow Room Efficiency Optimization: The Main Elements of CEA Control

The case for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is getting stronger, what with the surge in weather and climate change. CEA is an attractive choice, with several benefits such as predictable crop timing, high plant quality, reduced labor costs and limited environmental impact.  Getting these benefits, however, requires some work. You have to get several factors to work together to achieve the optimal... read more

Cannabis Grow Room Setup and Design: 9 Critical Considerations

Speed and decisive execution are both important in the fast-paced cannabis industry. The faster you get to market, the better. But careful preparation is just as important.  Hurrying up and setting up the grow room as fast as possible is great, but it can also be a trap that disrupts your entire business. On the surface, it’s easy to think of grow room setup and design as fairly straightforward, however,... read more

The Cannabis Industry is Essential. Why aren’t Workers Protected under the CARES Act?

Today, you cannot go to any news outlet without seeing something about the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point it feels like everything has been said, every story has been covered. Maybe you were paying attention and caught this, but I feel one story that has been drastically underplayed is the essential business tag that has been placed on the cannabis industry and the lack of assistance the government is willing to... read more

Grower vs. Facilities Manager: Who Should Decide Grow Conditions?

Should my cultivator be responsible for my daily operations? Who should determine the critical conditions to grow cannabis at an optimal rate? For many new business owners, these questions and more are left unanswered in an industry evolving as fast as it is being legalized. Cultivators in the cannabis industry got their start living in the shadows, producing products for their local client base without the... read more

Common Citizen is Not Slowing Down

The COVID-19 virus has basically shut down the US economy. Only those businesses deemed “essential” can continue to operate. Luckily the cannabis industry has gained this “essential” status and has been able to continue selling product to the marketplace. Michigan’s Common Citizen brand is not just in business but is expanding during these trying times.   Cannabis companies employ nearly... read more

Illinois Craft Applicants…There is Better!

If you are applying for a craft grow license in Illinois, you might have noticed there is very specific verbiage when it comes to the type of HVAC system that is to be implemented.  If your canopy area is less than 6,000 square feet you are required to provide “high-efficiency ductless split HVAC units, or other more energy efficient equipment”.  In the event your canopy area is 6,000 square feet or more the... read more

The Three Grow-Cycle Advantage

Speed to market is a common goal for businesses in any industry.  But in no other industry is speed to market as overarching as in the controlled environment agriculture industry, specifically the cannabis sector. When a state legalizes marijuana growing, the winners will be those who can get to a scalable level of production the quickest and with the lowest operating cost. Harvest Integrated builds... read more