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MASSive Energy Savings

Northeastern Massachusetts

Key Takeaway

Harvest Air units are fully customizable to fit your exact requirements.


Harvest Integrated teamed with an industry-leading hydroponic retailer and commercial grow consultant to secure the cooling and dehumidification systems on a 15,000 square foot cannabis grow.

The project site was constrained, so standard Harvest Air units would not be able to fit. To address this constraint and fit the unique dimensions of the site, Harvest Integrated’s manufacturing team worked to customize a side-by-side airflow arrangement with a top discharge. The resulting order was for three units ranging in size from 45-tons up to 70-tons. Each unit came fully loaded with integrated CO2 purge and ventilation, carbon filtration packages for odor mitigation, hot gas reheat, UV lights, and bi-polar ionization.

Project Highlights

Harvest Integrated’s team worked with the local municipality to secure an energy rebate directed towards lowering the first cost of the Harvest Air units.

The team outfitted a cannabis grow facility with three customized Harvest Air units: one 45-ton, one 55-ton, and one 70-ton.

All units came complete with CO2 purge and fresh air ventilation packages, carbon filtration, hot gas reheat, UV lights, and bi-polar ionization.