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Design, Procure & Build

Central Illinois

Key Takeaway

From comprehensive HVAC design services to material procurement, you can leverage Harvest Integrated’s expertise for your cannabis grow op expansion.


Harvest Integrated was contracted by a leading greenhouse company to provide the cooling and dehumidification systems for a 44,000 square foot greenhouse expansion. Each of the four 11,000 square foot control zones was outfitted with a 160-ton Harvest Air packaged cooling and dehumidification unit, complete with an energy recovery wheel, room pressurization system, and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration.

The Harvest Integrated engineering and fulfillment teams were also tasked with designing the under-bench air distribution system, procuring the associated materials, and overseeing the installation of the entire system.

Project Highlights

The Harvest Integrated team:

Delivered 640 tons of Harvest Air cooling and dehumidification units with integrated room pressurization and HEPA filtration.

Provided installation management services for the entire HVAC system.

Was contracted to design and fabricate the under-bench air distribution system.