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Leafy Greens Go Green

Chicago, IL

Key Takeaway

Harvest Air units are not just for cannabis facilities; they offer superior energy efficiency for all types of grows.


For this vertical farm application project, Harvest Integrated worked with the owner/operator throughout the design and development phases to make sure the cooling and dehumidification system was as energy efficient as possible.

After completing the initial work, Harvest Integrated teamed with a leading facility design engineer to put the finishing touches on the unit construction. The result – two 80-ton Harvest Air units, each serving a 4,000 square foot, multi-tiered grow. With phase one set to be complete in early 2022, phase two will see an additional 22 units come online to serve growing customers’ needs.

Project Highlights

The design and construction of two 80-ton Harvest Air units w/ MERV 13 filtration, UV lights, and CO2 purge capabilities.