Grow Efficiently

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Better and More Efficient

The rapid growth of the Indoor Agriculture, Indoor Cannabis cultivation, and its Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities demand a precise and complicated set of design requirements. From power distribution to the HVAC system to the building itself, Harvest Integrated™ is an efficiency solutions provider, for all aspects of your growing operation.


Our HVAC and power units provide custom, innovative solutions built to save you money. Energy-efficient design provides the basis for long term profitability.


With our knowledge of the construction market, no one can take you from concept to completion faster. The faster you build, the faster you grow.


Our solutions are the most scalable in the industry allowing you to spend your money where you need to and when you need to.

Our Products


Let the efficiencies flow. Harvest Air is a purpose-built HVAC system for the indoor agricultural market. Designed especially for CEA, our systems provide the most specialized solutions for your operation.


Harvest Power

The real power is how efficient it is. Modular, scalable power systems for large Controlled Environment Agriculture systems means you’re first to market and ready to scale as quickly as needed.


Harvest Design

Our efficiency is the key to unlocking yours. Our team of engineers and architects design and build large-format turnkey, indoor grow systems from start to finish in 6-8 months. Beat the competition to market.


Harvest Monitoring

We’re constantly monitoring our efficiency and yours. 24/7, 365 monitoring of equipment keeps indoor agriculture operations growing smoothly and safely to protect your assets.

Full turnkey designs provide cost efficient solutions for controlled environment agriculture