Why Harvest Air?

The rapid growth of the Indoor Agriculture industry and its Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities, demand a precise and complicated set of HVAC design requirements.  Essentially, all HVAC systems that meet these design requirements would fall under the category of “custom.”  As a result, significant risks for operators remain with: scalability; high CapEx; and high OpEx.

Harvest AirTM is a patent pending system that leverages proven technology and is designed specifically for use in CEA facilities.  Harvest Air provides value to operators in three key categories:

  • The lowest total cost among qualified systems: Initial CapEx reductions of ~25% and up to 75% reductions in annual OpEx.
  • Improved scalability and increased speed to market: Factory built and tested, with a production capacity of 100 units per month.
  • Unrivalled control of your production environment  Zero transfer of outside air to the cultivation environment, and a completely packaged and factory tested control system.

At the heart of the patent pending Harvest AirTM design is the HarvestWheelTM; a rotary heat exchanger used for indirect air-to-air economization.  Indirect air-to-air economization is the use of outside air to cool and dehumidify the cultivation space, without bringing the outside air into the space.



Let's Get Started...

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