Harvest Air is designed for the indoor agricultural market.

Harvest Air Means Efficiency First

Our HVAC systems allow air to flow more efficiently and with added benefits to the crop. We don’t rely on brute force and mass energy. Our Harvest Wheel is a rotary heat exchanger used for indirect air-to-air economization. We use the outside air to cool and dehumidify the cultivation space, without bringing it into the space. By focusing on efficiency, you can grow your business and crops faster with the leader in cannabis grow room HVAC.

We're Built Better

The most efficient compressor is the one that isn’t running. By using our Harvest Wheel first, instead of compressors, Harvest Air units operate more efficiently, saving you operational costs as well as extending the life of your equipment. Our units are specifically built for these indoor cannabis growth environments: a packaged cooling and dehumidification system purpose-built for the specialized climates found in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry.

No Brute Force, Just Brute Savings

Harvest Air units are more efficient than traditional brute force systems saving you operational and equipment costs, helping you avoid costly setbacks, and keeping your crops and your business growing. Our units have gained end-users initial capital expenditure (CapEx) reductions of up to 25% and annual operating expenditure (OpEx) reductions nearing 75%. By focusing on efficiency and reducing costs, Harvest Air units propel your business into the future.

Indoor cannabis growth requires specialized grow room hvac

Building Efficiency for Cannabis Grow Room HVAC

Factory-built and fully tested, Harvest Air units come from the factory ready to rock and roll. Our facility in Oklahoma City can produce 50 units per month which means there is no job too big or too fast. Unit construction is standardized which means your facilities will have the same look and the same maintenance efficiencies. Plus, when you’re ready to grow, you can easily scale your grow room HVAC without having to piece-meal any additional equipment.

Designed by experts in the Grow Room HVAC engineering field