Adjusting power systems

We’re Not Traditional

Traditional building practices mean larger upfront costs. Projects built this way necessitate building the entire electrical infrastructure upfront, costing you valuable time and money for needs that might not ever be recognized. Harvest Power installs easily and scales with the growth of your business.

Harvest Power systems fit into any standard CEA facility

More power, more savings

Up to 40% schedule reduction

Mitigate risk of labor variability across multiple markets

Up to 30% onsite labor reduction and reduced risk

More usable square footage inside your facility

Scale EfficientlY with harvest power

Harvest Power’s pre-fabricated power modules allow you to install power units as you grow and as you recognize the need. That means less upfront capital cost and more efficient planning. Our ISO 9001 facility ensures all power modules come with consistent construction, eliminating field variations common to stick-built electrical rooms. Get to market faster and grow seamlessly with Harvest Power.

Scale your business with modular power systems