CEA Built for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation


Fastest to Market wins the race

With new cannabis laws and regulations being debated and signed into law daily, whoever is fastest to market has a significant advantage over the competition as new states legalize cannabis and the industry evolves. The traditional Design-Bid-Build project timeline is costly, inefficient, and wasteful as this multi-stakeholder process slows down the speed-to-market. Harvest Integrated eliminates the roadblocks so you beat the competition before you’ve even stepped up to the starting line.

Built to Grow

Traditional indoor agriculture for cannabis involves customized outfitting and piecemeal construction that may work for some but can lead to a number of traps that could hurt your business over time. Harvest Integrated’s pre-fab, scalable design means you’re ready to grow with your business. By streamlining the design and fabrication process you can accommodate the spurt in growth you’ll see after your initial success.

Designed to Save

Harvest Air and Harvest Design for indoor agriculture were conceived to help you save by eliminating costly middlemen and allowing for modular scalability. Using your initial capital, you can get started with a reasonable canopy area and use the profits from your first yields to grow your canopy size. Harvest Integrated customers see a Capital Expenditure reduction of up to 25% and Operating Expense reductions nearing 75%, meaning all those savings can go right back into the business.

Expertly Built CEA for Cannabis

Unique industries provide unique challenges and cannabis is no exception. By copying produce-growing methods and technologies, many grow operations have experienced production issues related to light, moisture, and temperature regulation. Harvest Integrated is uniquely positioned to accommodate these specific requirements with patented indoor agriculture for cannabis solutions, just like it did for Future Lab, who added Harvest Air to its list of state-of-the-art technologies, cementing it as the future of cannabis-growing in Canada.