Reduce OpEx by Using the HarvestWheel to Cool and Dehumidify

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Harvest Air’s key differentiator from other systems is its ability to use the outside air to cool and dehumidify the cultivation space, without bringing the outside air into the space.  Harvest Air uses the HarvestWheelTM (a total energy wheel) as its primary source of cooling and dehumidification.  As the ambient temperature and humidity rise, Harvest Air uses a variable speed DX system (or chilled water) to provide supplemental cooling and dehumidification.  The result is the precise compressor capacity for the precise duration, as needed to condition the space.

Rearrangement of Industry Standard Components Means Low Risk and High Efficiency

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Other Design Features:

  • Standard 30, 60 & 120 Ton Design (Nominal)
  • Rooftop or Grade-Mounted
  • DX or Chilled Water; any heat/re-heat source
  • Factory-Tested Complete Control System
  • UV Lights (optional)
  • Washdown Rated (optional)
  • Other Custom options available

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